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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • Awesome care. Personal attention and understanding to get you back on the path to feeling better.

    - Michael E.
  • Very knowledgeable in many areas. One of the quickest recoveries I’ve had at a chiropractor to date!

    - Jacob P.
  • Wonderful treatments with a wonderful staff! I had been in constant pain for years after a car accident, but with the help of Seattle Chiropractic and Wellness I am feeling better and active more.

    - Regan R.
  • My neck was hurting really bad for two weeks. I felt better after the first visit! Super helpful staff. So relieved to move my neck again!

    - Liz S.
  • Such an amazing place with a fantastic staff! Efficient, clean, friendly, and always able to work with my scheduling needs! The chiropractic treatment I receive helps so much!

    - Jessica D.
  • I have had several acupuncture treatments with Alex and I feel great. I really feel like he goes the extra mile. It has really helped speed up recovery times and get me back out doing the things I like to do.

    - Mike G.
  • I took my mother to Doctor Kim Seattle Chiropractic and Wellness Center for an acupuncture treatment. The people there are friendly and kind. After two treatments my mother was feeling better.

    - Ross S.
  • Dr. Mei Robin is highly professional and you can tell she very much cares about her patients! I would recommend Seattle Chiropractic and Wellness Center to anyone in the area!

    - Hyunjung L.
  • Great doctors and environment for treatment. Very thorough with examinations. Excited to go back!

    - Matt G.
  • In only a few treatments, I've noticed a huge improvement in my symptoms and my posture.

    - Katherine D.
  • I felt heard and appreciated the time Dr. Bajwa and his team took to listen and explain the next steps. It's been about a month since my first appointment and I feel significantly better!

    - Rosie M.
  • I don't like to take prescription medication so Dr. Bajwa and the rest of his staff are vital partners in helping me manage my chronic pain, stay productive, and maintain a good quality of life.

    - Anne L.
  • Dr. Bajwa is a great adjuster and truly cares about your overall health. I had other issues that I thought came with getting older. However that is not the came! I now have no knee pain, back pain or foot pain!

    - Melissa H.
  • Everyone is wonderful here! They truly care about you and want to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

    - Sara H.
  • Alex is definitely the real deal and he knows what he's doing. If you've been wanting to try acupuncture and live in the area, you should definitely book a session with him!

    - Shivani A.
  • Kind, professional, adaptable staff. Very willing to work with my financial constraints in a manner that truly made me feel cared for during a difficult time.

    - L. Johnson

Meet the Team

  • Dr. Nadeem Bajwa stands, smiling, in front of a white stone wall.
    Dr. Nadeem A. Bajwa, DC

    Dr. Nadeem Bajwa realized that chiropractic was for him when he suffered a serious low back injury in his teenage years while playing soccer. Dr. Bajwa went from medical doctor to medical doctor to get relief of his pains. Each pill he took was ineffective as the last. Missing many months of soccer and other activities as a kid, he realized that he had to try something more effective. His father introduced him to a chiropractor who relieved him of his symptoms in a matter of 3 visits. This instant relief of back pain led him to research and further look into the profession of chiropractic. Contact our Chiropractor in Seattle, WA. For services in Pain Management Clinic, Nutritional Counseling, Wellness Center, Massage Therapist & Therapy.

    Dr. Bajwa attended the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia for 4 years where he earned his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Biology. It was during his second year at the university that he decided to become a chiropractor.

  • Dr. Mei Ling Robin stands, smiling, with her arms crossed in front of a white stone wall.
    Dr. Mei Ling Robin, DC
    Chiropractor, Webster Technique Certified

    Dr. Mei Ling Robin moved to Seattle from St. Louis, MO. At just 5 years old, she began working as a multi-disciplinary circus performer and at 14, while training as an aerial contortionist, she suffered a serious low back injury, resulting in the inability to continue working. Dr. Robin desperately sought care from different types of health care providers but failed to find a treatment that provided relief and got her back to performing. After months of failed treatment, she sought care from a chiropractor where she experienced immediate relief and returned to training and performing in 6 weeks. After this initial experience, Dr. Robin knew that she wanted to become a chiropractor as well.

    Dr. Robin attended Logan University in St. Louis, MO, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Life Science with an emphasis in Human Biology. She then continued on to obtain her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan University. In addition to spinal care, Dr. Robin took a special interest in the treatment of extremities (shoulders, wrist, knee, hip pain), pregnancy care (Webster Certified Practitioner) and pediatrics.

    During her free time, Dr. Robin enjoys traveling, cooking, bouldering, keeping up with her skills as a contortionist and aerialist, training her cats and exploring the all the PNW has to offer.

  • Tieyan in front of a neutral background. She is wearing a white coat and has a slight smile.
    Tieyan Shang, LAc, AEMP

    As a licensed and experienced acupuncturist, I am confident in my ability to provide high-quality care to you and contribute to the success of your wellness.

    With 19 years of experience in acupuncture, I have developed a deep understanding of how acupuncture can promote healing and wellness. I have treated a variety of conditions, e.g. anxiety, depression, pain and sport injury and spine condition. Through careful assessment and individualized treatment plans, I have helped many patients improve their quality of life and achieve their health goals.

    I have been repeatedly told by patients that this is where I am meant to be and I could not agree more. I treated around 2000 patient visits per year for the past 19 years. I am excited to join Seattle Chiropractic and Wellness Center team and contribute to the clinic's mission of promoting health and wellness in the community. 

  • Candice Storck stands smiling in front of a white stone wall.
    Candice J. Storck
    Office Manager

    Candice Storck is the Office Manager and X-ray Technician for the Seattle Wellness Group team. Candice oversees appointment details, monitors insurance activity, works with patient finances, and picks which sweet jams we're playing in the office day-to-day. Candice is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to Washington to experience the life in the Pacific North West. Candice loves snowboarding, hiking, preforming Reiki and going to dog parks.  She enjoys talking to patients about chiropractic, nutrition, and exercise. Ask Candice any questions you might have about your insurance benefits, billing, or costs. If Dr. Bajwa can't help you, she will refer you to a trusted colleague who can get you taken care of. 

  • Sophi stands in front of a field of flowers with a smile.
    Sophi Bos Yolo
    Chiropractic Assistant

    Sophi was born and raised right here in Washington, just a hop over the mountains in the Yakima Valley! She has always had a love for holistic medicine, having had chiropractic care from a close family friend for many years, and receiving relief from various ailments through natural medicine as a child and young adult. In her free time, she loves to sing (she’s been in over 20 musical theatre productions), play video games, D&D, and Magic: The Gathering (especially with her partner!). She also loves the study of herbal medicine and how nature provides us with so much support in the world around us- she hopes to continue to learn and develop that knowledge throughout her life. In the office, you can find Sophi at the front desk greeting you with a smile, answering your questions, and providing services like laser therapy and myofascial release! 

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  • Comprehensive Chiropractic Care

    Seattle Wellness Group was founded in 2008 by Dr. Nadeem Bajwa, and is located in the Fremont Neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Our treatment approach is based on three main principles:

    1. Understand the patient, their medical history, and goals for treatment
    2. Provide safe and effective treatment
    3. Educate the patient so they understand their condition, and learn how to minimize the likelihood of a future recurrence.

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